Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vanity Trove

People who know me long enough should know that I love to try new skincare products.
Actually it's a disadvantage for me to buy the skincare products as I just wanna try'em out.
Most of them took me quite sometime to finish it & not all suits my skin.
*My current batch of products*
 photo SAM_4107_zps944156d4.jpg

Had a chance to go to one of Vanity Trove's event and they introduced us a personalize service!
Meaning to say that you'll get to choose what you want in your own box rather than receiving a box with products that doesn't suit your skin.

All you have to do is fill up your beauty profile!
It'll take less than 5 minutes!
 photo 3_zps89826014.jpg

After you're done with your beauty profile,
you can start choosing the items you want!
 photo cats_zps32b8b210.jpg

They actually recommend products which matches your beauty profile.
 photo 1_zps77eacce1.jpg

Not to worry if you're not sure if the products suits you.
They do have reviews from others who has the same type as you.
 photo 2_zps37f8af5c.jpg
After you're done choosing your stuff, just cart out and wait for your box to arrive at your door step!

Mine took less than 4 days to reach me!
 photo SAM_4092_zpsc106d819.jpg
 photo SAM_4104_zpsac967499.jpg

All in the right size!
I don't have to use them for months before I get to try a new product!
& if I think it's really good for me, I can actually purchase it at the actual size and not having to worry about whether the product suits me or not! :)
 photo SAM_4095_zps2aa888dc.jpg

Tempted to get your own personalized box?
Hop on to to get yours now! :)

Cafes for Tea.

Guys' mindset: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper.
Ladies' mindset: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Tea-time, Dinner.

Personally, I think that guys would never appreciate having a brunch / tea time.
Guys: Quantity > Quality
Ladies: Quantity < Quality

Gonna share with you guys 2 of the places that I went for Tea recently.
Price: Under $30 per pax


We had a impromptu tea session at Octa Hotel.

9 Raffles Boulevard, PARCO Marina Bay, 
#P1-39 039596 Singapore 

Don't think that it's in a hotel.
It's just the name of the Cafe, which is located at Millenia Walk.

They have different promotional set for different months.
 photo SAM_4050_zps39795b80.jpg

 photo SAM_4051_zps0373ed0f.jpg

Cafe Mocha.
 photo SAM_4064_zpsf3636731.jpg

Definitely the ladies' would choose the tea set.
 photo SAM_4058_zps61d1f012.jpg  photo SAM_4060_zps73021c75.jpg

Whereas the guys would rather get this.
 photo SAM_4075_zpsc1b8f40b.jpg

 photo SAM_4065_zps26bc9cc8.jpg  photo SAM_4057_zps9c88e686.jpg  photo SAM_4067_zpsa7a7bf18.jpg  photo SAM_4068_zpsa40d75a1.jpg  photo SAM_4071_zps35b673bc.jpg  photo SAM_4070_zpsb4abdaab.jpg  photo SAM_4055_zpse135c512.jpg

Most Sundays we would gather at my aunt's place after church.
And this time my cousin, brother and I decided to crash one of the cafe which is just across the street of my aunt's place since alot of people has actually talked about it.

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road singapore 089678 
 photo 533577_10153039109255440_1153119492_n_zps3d6686d7.jpg

We just wanted to try out the food and not wanting to be really full.
Therefore we did order a couple of things to share.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich
 photo 1000736_10153039109395440_1112135483_n_zps9d2f06ed.jpg

Carrot Cake
 photo 1001135_10153039109490440_710375889_n_zps811fccb8.jpg

Long Black
 photo 995408_10153039109740440_149701294_n_zpsd2e38918.jpg

Matcha Latte
 photo 1005988_10153039109670440_1397129005_n_zps0998bff6.jpg

 photo 1069206_10153039109620440_1890401077_n_zps3a1a7f9c.jpg

I think it's a good time to go over there around 3plus 4 as to avoid the brunch crowd.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Staycation @ Marriott

It's a great idea for girlfriends to have a staycation once in awhile if you can't go for a holiday together! :)
 photo 947383_10152897251535440_814922721_n_zps06624439.jpg

Room size: 32sqm
Standard size for all Deluxe Room at most of the hotels.
FYI, it's a smoke-free hotel.
So when you make your reservation at Marriott next time, do not ask for a smoking room.
There's none in that whole building.
 photo SAM_2961_zpse78eacc5.jpg  photo SAM_2963_zpsda43a7f7.jpg  photo SAM_2962_zps22d6cd64.jpg  photo SAM_2959_zps4aed86fc.jpg  photo SAM_2960_zps7e23fba1.jpg

Yay! Time to head to the pool!
The other time I came to stay, I didn't had a chance to go for a swim.
But I think the swimming pool is really beautiful!
 photo SAM_2966_zps56444b36.jpg  photo SAM_2970_zps76c4e0fc.jpg  photo SAM_2968_zps01ddef81.jpg  photo SAM_2971_zpsa9e8af9a.jpg  photo SAM_2975_zpsf178b86b.jpg

Since it was going to rain, one of the staff directed us to the Hot & Cold Spa Pools which are strictly for the in-house guests.
She treated us like princesses by offering us get new towels, bathrobes, apples.
Making sure that we're really comfortable.
 photo SAM_2979_zps166e1dab.jpg

Feels so much like the Hot Springs in Taiwan!
 photo SAM_2987_zps7b3306b0.jpg  photo SAM_2988_zpsb6868b1e.jpg  photo SAM_2982_zps162e16a8.jpg

Definitely we did enjoyed ourselves!
Princess for a Day!
 photo SAM_2985_zps53859f89.jpg
 photo SAM_2993_zps8c42dd5a.jpg  photo SAM_2992_zps41cb1338.jpg

After all the swimming and soaking ourselves in the pools, we're all famish for sure!
& we bought a hell lots of food back to the hotel for dinner!!!
Sushi, fried chickens, chips, drinks, alcohol.
We have it all! :)
 photo SAM_2997_zpsa59a1176.jpg

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jezebel's 21st Birthday!!!

13 April 2013:

For the past few months before my sis actual birthday, her bf and I had secretly planned for her 21st birthday since she didn't had any intention to celebrate it as she thinks that it's just any other birthdays for her.
But for us, we didn't think that way.

My sis didn't want to have lots of people at the party (unlike me).
So we had to only invite her closest friends to her birthday.

Also, we did had a difficult time to thinking of where to hold this surprise for her.
Chalet, function room, etc.
Ended up we settled for Ritz Carlton since it's the hotel that she fell in love with since her previous staycation.

Upon reservation I put a note saying that's my sis's 21st birthday, and Ritz Carlton sent a complimentary birthday cake to the room wishing her a Happy Birthday!
What a sweet gesture! ❤ ❤ 
 photo SAM_2421_zps26ca4d5d.jpg

With the help of my mom, bro, mel & her bf we managed to decorate the room before she comes.
And it's also quite challenging to make sure that all her friends reach before she does.
Her bf and I had to coordinate discreetly without letting my sis know.

My sis loves balloons, so I filled the whole bathtub with the purple and white balloons!
 photo SAM_2423_zps07ba004f.jpg  photo SAM_2425_zps6ecd4235.jpg

Managed to record down the precious moment where she was being taken aback.
p/s: pardon me for those who doesn't understand mandarin.
My family members were the first batch of people whom she saw when she took down the blindfold.
She never expect us to hide all her friends inside the bathroom. Gotcha!
& definitely, Ritz Carlton has a HUMONGOUS bathroom!

I'm so thankful for all her friends who turned up for this surprise!
Their presence made this surprise even more memorable for her since they hardly meet up with each other!
 photo SAM_2430_zps03ffdb13.jpg

I brought the tiara which I wore on my 21st birthday for her.
Every girl deserves to be the princess on her 21st right???
 photo SAM_2431_zpsb1aaf25f.jpg  photo SAM_2429_zps98af991f.jpg  photo SAM_2437_zpsfca9aaed.jpg  photo SAM_2432_zps53d6a70f.jpg  photo SAM_2439_zpsf80c89bb.jpg  photo SAM_2440_zps52d9e2df.jpg  photo SAM_2443_zps1fd84a9a.jpg  photo SAM_2438_zps4213443b.jpg  photo SAM_2442_zpsf9b9bac1.jpg  photo SAM_2444_zps4d2de61f.jpg  photo SAM_2445_zps778445f4.jpg  photo SAM_2448_zps97e3176c.jpg  photo SAM_2446_zps43c6466f.jpg  photo SAM_2450_zps1bba8821.jpg

What's a birthday without presents???
 photo SAM_2451_zpsd46f19a6.jpg  photo SAM_2453_zps9ed0cd07.jpg  photo SAM_2457_zps0c6977f7.jpg

It's was a night with rain, lightnings & thunders.
 photo SAM_2462_zpsbf38d951.jpg  photo SAM_2469_zps65b579ae.jpg

My mom and her sisters.
 photo SAM_2484_zps0e38db1c.jpg  photo SAM_2479_zpsb521faa5.jpg  photo SAM_2497_zps702a6c5c.jpg  photo SAM_2483_zpsa8a0131e.jpg  photo SAM_2475_zps7b9e1afd.jpg  photo SAM_2488_zps63883c40.jpg  photo SAM_2490_zpsac675499.jpg  photo SAM_2489_zps394abf9b.jpg  photo SAM_2491_zps4c4d4364.jpg  photo SAM_2481_zps4b76ed11.jpg  photo SAM_2496_zpscca42272.jpg  photo SAM_2503_zps9bdea52e.jpg  photo SAM_2492_zpsf3417dc5.jpg  photo SAM_2495_zpse37a9993.jpg  photo SAM_2498_zps8c143c96.jpg  photo SAM_2504_zps991f259c.jpg

Quite a pity that my dad can't make it for my sis birthday as he was on course on that day.
 photo SAM_2502_zps9af414f8.jpg  photo SAM_2506_zps5119ab87.jpg  photo SAM_2510_zpsa0f674af.jpg

A simple guestbook which I did.
 photo SAM_2500_zps11705a96.jpg

We had another cake waiting for her.
 photo SAM_2515_zps84c6747d.jpg  photo SAM_2517_zps0989cb28.jpg  photo SAM_2519_zps464645a1.jpg

I think her bf is super sweet to do all these for her!!!!
Unlike me, I had to plan and do everything by myself for 21st :(
 photo SAM_2520_zpsa731a2fa.jpg  photo SAM_2524_zpsf012a892.jpg

She had to blow out the candles first as photo taking session always take a long time.
 photo SAM_2522_zpsdfc8d2ec.jpg
 photo SAM_2527_zps985dfefb.jpg  photo SAM_2531_zps2f9db2f9.jpg  photo SAM_2539_zpsfaed0b7f.jpg  photo SAM_2541_zps5ed88914.jpg  photo SAM_2538_zps4afc384a.jpg  photo SAM_2532_zpsb096ea6a.jpg  photo SAM_2529_zpsb4d5c2bb.jpg  photo SAM_2525_zpsbb34c772.jpg  photo SAM_2533_zps5df8f772.jpg  photo SAM_2544_zpscd11435c.jpg  photo SAM_2543_zpsd61b80a9.jpg  photo SAM_2542_zps0bedc7e6.jpg

That's all for my baby sister's 21st!
Hope she had a really really good time!!! :)
 photo SAM_2545_zps62a3ed2c.jpg  photo SAM_2547_zps925472d4.jpg  photo SAM_2548_zpse01bc5f1.jpg